The Bolero Files: John Tkhaos’ Transmedia Adventures on Global Mega Projects

The Bolero Files is the amazing adventures of John Tkhaos, an elite level Construction Superintendent in charge of construction mega projects around the globe. He is renowned for toughness and integrity while getting the job done on schedule and budget. John has developed an uncanny ability to maneuver the often murky waters of politics that accompany each large project, whether it’s building a national highway through multiple jurisdictions or adjusting to local regulations (and customs) in the countries he works in.  Without meaning to, he  finds himself immersed in intrigue everywhere he goes, which leads to encounters with terrorists and kidnappers and has him finding a way to quiet paranormal activity. Through it all, Rebecca Kavner is his trusty companion.

  • The Spotted Cat

    Episode 10: John & Rebecca are in New Orleans and need your help!

    Work has begun on the Lake Borgne Surge wall, just southeast of New Orleans. John and Rebecca have found a suspicious T1 line, one person is critically injured and another person has gone missing. What’s going on and who’s behind this?

sun breaking through the clouds

Episode 4: The Pipe Bomb

It is the morning after the inauguration dinner. Raining lightly, but still warm. John and Rebecca are at the site office. He is quiet, distant, the residue of the car ride home last night. Rebecca is unsure what to say… Just then a load of pipes is delivered. John is transported back to his childhood… […]

Burj Khalifa, Dubai - the world's tallest building

Episode 3: Burj Khalifa: Part 2

“They’re back!” “Let’s hear the rest of the story!” Someone shouts. The Sheik is apologetic as the two return to the table. “I wanted to make sure I caught Hassan before he left.” “Big project coming up in Jeddah” John adds. Find out how John risks his life to foil a hostage taking attempt on […]

Burj Khalifa, Dubai - the world's tallest building

Episode 2: Burj Khalifa: Part 1

Last week we left readers wondering what terrible things were in store for John, and we’ll come back to that, I promise. This week though we are going to take a jump to more recent times when John risks his life to foil a hostage taking attempt.Read more

in the lane behind my house

Episode 1: Hurricane Frieda

October 12, 1962 Dhut…Dhut…dhut-dhut-dhut-dhut… Is that gunfire? It sounded like…not far away. Dhut!…Dhut!…dhut-dhut-dhut-dhut! That sounded like…from the lane! I jumped up to the window. Soldiers! I woke to a war zone in the early morning. My world started to spiral down that day… Read more…