About Bolero Files by Jay Davis

John Tkhaos is the central character of the Bolero Files that chronicle John’s life and adventures. An elite level Construction Superintendent, he is in charge of the construction of mega projects around the globe. The adventures begin when John’s not so quiet confidence coupled with his extraordinary driven approach ruffles more than a few feathers. Especially in view of the varying customs and traditions of the many different countries that form the backdrop for these massive projects. John had a very tough childhood, and oftentimes finds himself lost in reflection, trying to reconcile his life. Some of the stories, including the opening post are entirely focused on John’s early life, providing the reader with insights to John’s key traits and fatal flaws.

Jay Davis, Author of The Bolero Files
Jay Davis, Author of The Bolero Files

Rebecca Kavner is the alpha female project engineer and brilliant computer expert/hacker that is the perfect counterpart to John. Their relationship is complicated as their character flaws frequently overlap. Rebecca was a child prodigy, starting university at sixteen years old. She has had challenges in life that caused her to develop a thick skin, but she can play femme fatale when called upon.

Other characters come and go from the stories, some from John’s past, some from present times.

The Bolero reference comes from the classical musical work by Maurice Ravel. Starting with a musical theme with an insistent quality,repeated  a number of times without any development, gradually increasing the orchestra, building eventually to a dramatic crescendo. John regards this as the theme music for his life. Listen to one of my favourite versions of Bolero.

John is also a amateur musician and songwriter. He curates a playlist to accompany each post, to listen click here, or click on the YouTube button. To hear John’s band ‘Apollo Votary’ click here.