Episode 10: John & Rebecca are in New Orleans and need your help!

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The Spotted Cat
The Spotted Cat, by Andrea Ciambra, via Wikimedia Commons

So, I haven’t made a post for a little while and was feeling like I should probably explain what’s going on. John & Rebecca are in New Orleans. The Big Easy. Brought in by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to work on the new storm protection surge wall across lake Borgne. The story has gotten big. I mean it’s becoming a full on short story.

I’m having so much fun writing this one, and the plot keeps twisting and turning like the Ole’ Mississippi, where so much of it is set. So I’m thinking I’ll just have to finish it up, or get close enough to be able to start releasing the story in chapters, maybe one every day or two (or three)

John & Rebecca are really getting themselves into some serious shit this time, though. In fact they may even need your help to get out of trouble. You see John & Rebecca may have met their nemesis in a crooked businessman named Teracefal Cadieux. And well,  that’s all I’m going to say about it, except that I need to know one thing; Do any readers know of anyone who lives in New Orleans? Please respond in the comments section, John & Rebecca would really appreciate it.

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