Other stuff

Here’s some info on Hurricane Frieda, Typhoon Frieda (Freda), or the Columbus Day Storm, as it’s often called.

This video from the Davos world economic forum is a panel discussion on the future of enterprise in a connected world. What is interesting is how multi-national corporations are profiting from going green. Also cool to note the CEO of Pepsi-co is an Indian born American woman, Indra Nooyi. And the CEO of Prudential is an Ivory coast-er, Tijdane Thiam. This would never have happened 10 or 20 years ago.

Here’s a couple of shots of manhoists. The first shows a manhoist running up the outside of a building under construction. The second is an actual shot of one of the manhoists at Burj Khalifa, gates open, at the 81st floor. A manhoist is like a portable elevator attached to the outside of a building under construction. Sections of mast are added as the building gains height. As the permanent elevators come into service in the building, the manhoist is taken down.


Here’s a shot of the concrete bucket John jumped into from the 81st floor.